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      Marine loading arms
      Land loading arms
      Self-levelling folding stairways
      Swivel joints
      Floating disc
      Cable hook off fast
      Hose hanging
      Board self-levelling stairway
        Locating in the east end of ASIAN - EURO LAND BRIDGE, Lianyungang Huatai Petro - Chemical Machinery Co. , Ltd (hereinafter called LHPCM) is in the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. It is convenient by sea, land as well as air traffic, which is suitable for the Co.'s development.
      The special products turn out from this Co. are marine and land loading system. The following points have been the base of the evolution of specialized and high performance equipment:

      ---- long life and reliability
      ---- low maintenance cost and minimal downtime ,etc.
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        Board self-levelling stairway  
        Board self...  
        Hose hanging  
        Hose hangi...  
      Tel:0518-85280988 85150988 Fax:0518-85280978
      Add:No.16 zhujing road,Xinpu Development Zone ,Lianyungang,Jiangsu P.C:222346
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